First Church of Jamaica Plain August 9, 2014

Sometimes my adventures are planned and sometimes I happen upon a place of interest like Sunday August 10, 2014. My friend Jordan and I ventured through the streets of Jamaica Plain, which was formerly known as West Roxbury until it was annexed by Boston in 1874. We came upon a graveyard behind The First Church of Jamaica Plain, a Unitarian Universalist Church Founded in 1770 as the Third Parish of Roxbury back when colonial town of Roxbury stretched from the Boston Neck to the Dedham line. The first parish was located on Fort Hill near the first settlement. The second parish was on Peter’s Hill near the graves. As more and more people settled near the “Great Pond” They sought permission from the two existing parishes to create their own parish, and take with them territory and tax paying parishioners and also an act of the colonial legislature. The parish was created and thus the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain was now defined.
Even the Minutemen who fought in the Revolutionary War were organized by the theocracy that was colonial Massachusetts, the boundaries of the Standing Order parishes formed governmental units and also religious ones. Across the street from this church is a Civil War monument and a plaque serving as recognition to the many Revolutionary and Civil War men who gave their lives, from the third Parish ( first church of JP) led by Captain Lemuel May and his Lieutenant Eleazor Weld both of whom are buried in the cemetery behind the First Church of Jamaica Plain. Captain Lemuel May is buried in grave number 28. Lieutenant Eleazor Weld I believe is either in grave number 11 or 13.
Reverend Dr. William Gordon ( 1770 – 1786 ) from England was the first minister and objected burials near the church building he thought it was unsanitary. The second minister Reverend Dr. Thomas Gray ( 1793 – 1843 ) had a very different opinion and viewed death as a phase in the cycle of life and should be honored near the church. He also wanted the community to have a sense of their past with a churchyard burial ground, in fact most of the burials took place during his fifty years as minister of the church. The older slate stones of the older graves are lined up in rough rows common to other older burial grounds in the city of Boston. Although these graves date back to the turn of the century (18th into the 19th ) they are less severe in the traditional Calvinist skull and bone motifs. Most have urns and willow trees one does however contain the traditional skull, but also adorns angel’s wings.
There were some great changes that took place to the graveyard as a conversion to become a more pleasing place to visit, it was landscaped with trees, ornamental rocks, retaining walls, and crypts for one thing. That was the first effect of the rural cemetery movement, the second was that burials ceased as larger more rural cemeteries became more popular such as Mt. Auburn Cemetery and the Forrest Hills Cemetery, with the exception of Rev. Dr. Thomas Gray who was buried where he spent his life’s work as opposed to the recommendations that a man as important as he should reside eternally at Mt. Auburn Cemetery.
Many Standing Order Churches split due to the Unitarian controversy often calls with the majority calling the a minister from the Liberal School and the Conservatives pulling out and establishing a Congressional church across town was common. Rev. Gray had become the minister prior to the outbreak of controversy, and remained until 1843. The church never split and the whole congression that Rev. Gray had built ended in the Unitarian Camp. The congression was large and vital enough to need a larger building; the old wooden church was removed and the new large stone church that stands today was built in 1853.
It was a pleasure to stumble upon this church and graveyard and look into it’s rich history. I hope you have enjoyed this look into a very important part of history for both Jamaica Plain, and this wonderful Unitarian Church. Future travels will lead me to explore the Forrest Hills Cemetery, stay tuned…
For more information regarding this Church and the history of the area please feel free to visit the links below. The First Church of Jamaica Plain is still open and holds services, if interested in attending follow the link to their website for more information. 

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A Day Out… Wolleston Beach August 9, 2014

Today my friend Jordan and I ventured to the beach. The weather was great, the company was wonderful, and the laughs were plenty! Jordan and I walked the beach and I snapped a few pictures of the world around us. It was nice to spend time breathing in the salty air… 

We also visited Jamaica Pond the following day. The pictures follow…

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*~*~Boston Pride Week June 6 – 15, 2014*~*~

HAPPY PRIDE !!!!!!!!!!

June 6 – 15th is Boston Pride Week! Get your Rainbow on!!!

This years theme is “Be Yourself, Change the World.” Saturday the 7th was the Annual Pride Day celebration kick off event at Faneuil Hall. The sun was shinning and the temps were in the mid 80’s…picture perfect day! Not a cloud in the sky! There was a stage complete with actors, dancers and drag queens, music and lots fun times. I captured a few fun moments on camera. Before venturing out for a street hike in town.

The Pride Parade and Festival was on Saturday, June 14, 2014. I was joined by Hollie and my friend Mike for this great day!!!!!


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Mount Auburn Cemetery, June 27, 2014 ~*Post #2*~ Portraits and Statues

Have a look inside some of the many Mausoleums, a few boast what may be Orbs. Statues and huge towers, portraits and head stones. A day filled with fun and adventure, and something new at every turn. From ponds filled with wildlife, to tower tops with some pretty nice views.

This was a great place to take my camera for a walk. The company was great and the day was beautifully sunny and warm!!!!!


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Mount Auburn Cemetery, June 27, 2014 ~*Post #1*~ Nature

Hello! I am back again! Now that I have found a program to redo my photos that I like I will be able to to post all of the stuff I have wanted to… Thank you to my Friend Izzy for this!

I have been enjoying the Summer as often as I can, working night shift has shown me it’s down side lately, with beautiful beach days abound while heading home to bed so I can go to work that night. I do find my time out however, weekends boast time for Adventure!

This weekend was especially nice, I visited Mt. Auburn Cemetery. There were many things to be learned and seen. The next few posts will be dedicated to Friday’s Adventure…

Stay tuned for back posts from Boston Pride, The Holocaust memorial, and much more!!!!!

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May 17, 2014 Aerosmith Lazer Show

Hello fellow bloggers! It has been and insane amount of time since my last actual post. I have been distant and vacant, I am back now however! Much has happened and much has changed in my life as i have hit many crossroads since I was here last. In fact I was actually surprised I have remembered my password this long. I have been places both exciting and very scary. More on the changes later…

Last weekend I took Zak and Jordan out on Mother’s Day pics will follow shortly! I discovered baby turtles in the pond area where I helped release rescued turtles, pic to follow. Work, work, work…blah blah blah…

Let’s start with this post however, since there is no re sizing of pictures to be done every picture is post and go…lol.

I took my now 16 yo Son into Boston today for a Lazer Show of Aerosmith at the Museum of Science and dinner on the Commons. Yes Zak is now 16…WTF! When did this happen? And who said it was OK?

We ventured into the Big City late around 3p, he had stuff to do this am and so we had to wait a bit. We got burger and fries to go at U Burger on Tremont st. and brought it back to the Commons, I was able to show Zak where I saw Melissa Etheridge, and a few other things in the area. We laughed and chatted and caught up on times from the past week. I always enjoy spending time with him, after all his a mini me…Lets just hope he get it right! LOL!

More posts to follow!!!!!


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Hello All!

Hey my fellow bloggers! This has been one hell of a Winter this year! Storm after storm and feet after feet of the white sh!t we are looking toward yet another significant storm for mid week. Not impressed!

I am back to being me and me alone, that being said I am once again free from the chains that bound me for the last 3 years that only held me back. I have started a new job which I totally love and enjoy!!!!! I finally work in the big City in a Specialty ICU where I so belong! The staff here is amazing, friendly and for once I feel appreciated!

I am also now a commuter, I have so many subway stories I could share, but this post is a rare treat with no pictures as to where I have been. Where have I been? Home and work. I am on my quest to find “Me” once again… Que this song!

I do promise to return soon with more pictures of where I have been but for now perhaps you will settle for some pictures from the view of my office windows! Morning sunrises in Boston are truly beautiful from my floor! I hope you enjoy! Keep in mind these are from my phone and not so great! Also they lack my nature and animal usual post…but some nice views!

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