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A Day Out… October 17,2014

I have been gone a while yet again. I posted a blog almost two years ago now describing my “Crossroads”, well time has mended itself and new adventures are on the horizon. I made a goal for myself and I … Continue reading

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What goes through peoples minds????

Today while on rt 93S Brett found a domesticated bunny in a pretty banged up cage on the side of the road, He says it looked as though it was thrown from a truck or car. It may have fallen, … Continue reading

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~*D.W. Fields Park*~ September 3, 2013

All Summer long Brett has been very eager to capture a photograph or several of the very elusive Great Blue Heron. We see them often but rarely have a camera with us when we see them either together or on … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

I received this award over a month and a half ago, I unfortunately was unable to blog for a while due to family obligations. See my last post. My apologies for the delay… Thank you to for the much appreciated award!!! Shaun and … Continue reading

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After a brief hiatus I am back for now!

Wow! It has really been 40 some odd days since my last post? Can we say slacker? No not the internet radio either… During the Summer I really don’t have a lot to blog about cause Brett is working the … Continue reading

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World Turtle Day

In appreciation of World Turtle Day I will post links pertaining to how we lend a hand and help them out, Please take the time to read and comment. the ways We have helped… Not to … Continue reading

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Update on Turtles found living in Gasoline

If you follow and read my blog regularly then you know Tuck and Moshup are pretty well off right now, and the other two were re-released on Mother’s day, back into the wild safe and sound. I have walked by … Continue reading

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