May 17, 2014 Aerosmith Lazer Show

Hello fellow bloggers! It has been and insane amount of time since my last actual post. I have been distant and vacant, I am back now however! Much has happened and much has changed in my life as i have hit many crossroads since I was here last. In fact I was actually surprised I have remembered my password this long. I have been places both exciting and very scary. More on the changes later…

Last weekend I took Zak and Jordan out on Mother’s Day pics will follow shortly! I discovered baby turtles in the pond area where I helped release rescued turtles, pic to follow. Work, work, work…blah blah blah…

Let’s start with this post however, since there is no re sizing of pictures to be done every picture is post and go…lol.

I took my now 16 yo Son into Boston today for a Lazer Show of Aerosmith at the Museum of Science and dinner on the Commons. Yes Zak is now 16…WTF! When did this happen? And who said it was OK?

We ventured into the Big City late around 3p, he had stuff to do this am and so we had to wait a bit. We got burger and fries to go at U Burger on Tremont st. and brought it back to the Commons, I was able to show Zak where I saw Melissa Etheridge, and a few other things in the area. We laughed and chatted and caught up on times from the past week. I always enjoy spending time with him, after all his a mini me…Lets just hope he get it right! LOL!

More posts to follow!!!!!



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About me??? Boring! I like to photograph nature and the outdoors. I preffer to be outside rather than inside, but I do have my reclusive tendensies as well.
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