What goes through peoples minds????

Today while on rt 93S Brett found a domesticated bunny in a pretty banged up cage on the side of the road, He says it looked as though it was thrown from a truck or car. It may have fallen, but either way this poor lil guy had a very terrible, horrible, very bad, no good day. He could have ended up as the next road kill that you yourself drive so graciously by about your day-to-day. I / We are a voice for those who cannot speak, and therefore this royally pisses me off!

I am happy to report however; that because of Brett’s bravery and love of animals we are now anxiously looking to adopt a domestic Rabbit. To a great home only!!!!! This poor Bunny survived the odds thrown against him, as Bunnies are prone to heart attacks and broken bones from a far less traumatic experience. This bunny survived and came out on top for a reason! He is truly meant to live, and in need of a great forever home…Brett Named him Cadbury… so this post is for Cadbury, please share and consider adoption over breeders….Animals have rights too!


About tosid01

About me??? Boring! I like to photograph nature and the outdoors. I preffer to be outside rather than inside, but I do have my reclusive tendensies as well.
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12 Responses to What goes through peoples minds????

  1. Concretia says:

    I am not an animal lover, but seriously, who would do something like that? You did the right thing, kudos to bret for being a good dude. Eye for an eye, I say!

  2. chloe says:

    Poor baby!!!!! Thank the goddesses for people like you and your friend.

  3. Nick says:

    Damn… People can be so cruel.

  4. Hi tosido1, am happy for cadbury! She needs U 🙂 yeah at the right moment…

    • tosid01 says:

      You can call me Tom, Yes Brett was definitely in the right place at the right time! Cadbury is now safe and sound in her new forever home. A friend ours who’s friend recently lost his bunny to old age took her in and he was very grateful, almost as grateful as we were! What goes around comes around I always say!

  5. So happy for you, Brett, and especially Cadbury! She’s a little sweetie!

  6. P.S. Where are you? I’ve already read and liked all your blog posts. Zoey the Cool Cat says, “Tell him to get busy.”

    • tosid01 says:

      hahaha! Tell Zoey I will be back. I hit a few bumps in the road and have had much to deal with. But I assure you and Zoey that I will be returning soon, plus Spring is upon us, with a threat of yet another Blizzard for the middle of the week…oy! I will have more to blog about soon… but if you are bored and want so more head over to http://mymindseye76.wordpress.com/ not the same typ of blog more poems stories and rants…lol enjoy!

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