Cushing Elementary School Turtle Presentation ~ May 20, 2013 ~

Brett and I visited the Wampatuck Elementary School to check up on  “Tuck” the three-legged Turtle he saved previously from the gas and oil ridden pond by Brockton High School. The other two were released in a nearby pond / swamp. He is doing just fine. He has adjusted very nicely to his new habitat and looks very happy.

At the Cushing Elementary School in Scituate We had a small Gymnasium to ourselves, several of the Schools Teacher’s and or Staff to present our Turtle presentation, as well as their 60 or so students, where we delivered Moshup, another Rescue Turtle from the oil and gas ridden area of Brockton High School. We presented them with an impromptu lesson on Turtles in general, their personalities, general care, and a bit about what we have done to rehabilitate them back to the wild where they belong. We also dabbled upon  simple turtle behaviors and a few different types of turtles.

For Brett this is part of his everyday life at work, and reconnecting with youth he has taught at the Camp. For me this was getting in touch with my roots…I used to be a Volunteer at my Sisters’ School back in the 90’s, A School I attended as well. I enjoyed it quite well. I somehow got distracted in college and ended up in Healthcare. Who knows perhaps teaching this lecture with Brett today is or was the PUSH I needed, to return to my roots!

I have no pictures to offer…only memories!

Watch for updates!

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About me??? Boring! I like to photograph nature and the outdoors. I preffer to be outside rather than inside, but I do have my reclusive tendensies as well.
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