Ellisville Harbor Saturday, April 27, 2013 ~Post #1 of 2 “Seals and Whales”

I had intended to complete my series of posts from Lakeville, but something more “Pressing Came up”. This past Saturday we were set to find ourselves on an adventure,we were at first going to head to Myles Standish for some pond time for Zak and Brett, and some wondering time for me. At the last-minute en route to Myles Standish, Brett suggested we go to Ellisville Harbor instead. I enjoyed it the last time we ventured there, so we decided it would be nice to show Zak the area, and our day began…

We arrived right at low tide which is the best Seal viewing time, so perfect right? Brett goes into full on Teacher mode and starts telling Zak his lesson for the day, I even entertained by chiming in from time to time. We all had a good time. We arrive on the beach, and there are no signs of Seals, we walk a bit taking pictures along the way. Engaging in conversation, when we hear this amazing sound. It sounded as if you were blowing water through your straw but much deeper and louder. Brett tells us how Pilot Whales have been spotted in the area. We see nothing and keep hearing, and walk on. Brett and I have this code of sorts when we are out on an adventure, we set a goal, and reassess once we reach it, sometimes we carry on, sometimes we turn back and sometimes we find another route altogether. We ventured on.

We reached our final point and turned around, catching some cool pictures along the way and still hearing the water blowing sound. Zak says he saw a Tail in the water, we head back to where the Seals are now basking upon rocks and chattering with one another. Sea birds are swimming and strolling upon the waters and are flying high and low towards the horizon. We capture pictures and video along the way back. At one point Brett goes back to retrieve his net and my beloved bug zapper…Zak and I venture on.

We hear the blowing water sound much stronger. I capture a video of what I thought were blow holes breaching the water, by what I assumed to be Humpback  Whales. Upon watching the video it was so much more…When you watch the video I posted below be sure to watch FULL Screen and keep a look out toward the Horizon, you will see what the splashing really was!


We were so amazed. The North Atlantic Right Whale has returned , come to find out probably since January… I did a bit of research, Brett’s friend, who is a Whale enthusiast  says they are the Right Whale. So does the Plymouth News Paper, as well as the Provincetown News Paper. The respective links follow.



Ignore the adds…


Cool Right? So we captured images and video of The North Atlantic Right Whale, a Federally Endangered Species…SO ELATED! I thought they were Humpback Whales…Silly Me!

If you want to learn more:




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If you enlarge and zoom in on “Seal17” or the 17th picture, you can see a Whales Head…Check out all of the pictures and above all ENJOY!!!

Pics Follow!


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