The last week, with the Bombings on Monday, the random acts of violence we are used to during the week, and the manhunt and shootouts Friday early morning,  into Friday night with the capture of the Living suspect in custody alive, it had been one hell of a week!

Not to mention my sister who lives in Boston about 20 min from me, had her Birthday this past Wednesday. The internet went down Thursday night about 11p, our modem died. Called Comcast only to find out it only works for about 5 mins at a time when reset. End up with a new package deal, we upgraded to the Triple play Package for about $13 less/mo. New modem on its way through overnight delivery for free, only to find out Late Saturday After 3 and a half hours on the phone, that A. The modem never shipped because they failed to connect me to some E911 hotline, which basically told me everything I already knew about 911 and addresses and calling to change address if you move and such, apparently we as American’s are too stupid to contact Comcast when we move to change our address?????????? So people like me who cover their asses at every cost to ensure things either remain the same or change when needed are taken care of…CATCH UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short I am back online and so is my blog!


Watch for the Second installment of the current post!



About tosid01

About me??? Boring! I like to photograph nature and the outdoors. I preffer to be outside rather than inside, but I do have my reclusive tendensies as well.
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