April 15, 2013 ~ Marathon Monday~

What a day! Today started out as any other ordinary day. Wake coffee at the computer. Get dressed after I am awake and leave the house to either do chores or off to an adventure or both. Today Brett was out of bed before me, though still awake I lingered a bit longer. We planned the night before to take our camera’s for a walk to the Lakeville area, we had visited the other day with his dogs and without the camera’s.

While I lingered in bed scrolling through my phone catching up on Facebook and email and texts, Brett went for coffee. I was where he left me when he returned. Doing the same. I got out of bed and made my pre coffee, and scrolled though the news on the computer. Soon I was dressed and we left the house for our adventure. Here is where it seems odd. We DO NOT AGREE musically. Yet for some reason we did today. We rocked out to 80’s, 90’s and a few others on our way to Lakeville. We laughed and smiled and made fun of each other’s song choices. It was nice!

We arrived in Lakeville around 3p and on the radio was late breaking news of what sounded like bombs at the Marathon, we both dismissed this figuring it was Patriot’s Day and the Marathon and all, and began to walk our camera’s. While at an abandoned Water Treatment Plant, or still active I am really so unsure. Hollie, my Son’s Mother called asking me about what was up with the bombings in Boston…My day began…

We chatted for a bit. Brett and I continued our day of walking the camera’s. We snapped and shot and planned to watch the news later…Well when we got home shit got REAL! I watched the news and Brett resorted to the computer and Facebook and such…soon we yelled back and forth, about the disaster that went down in Boston.

Three innocent people had been murdered, about 150 more were injured, 16 or so were critical, one of the deaths was an 8 yo boy, who had NO business leaving this world so soon. My sister and her family was thankfully safe. Friends at the Medical Tent checked in when they were able too to let their friends and loved ones know that they were safe. Such a truly tragic and uncalled for event. To the Person or Persons who are Responsible for this heinous act…Have a heart or at the least a set of balls and accept responsibility and turn your selves(s) in. To the Members of the Westboro Church (CULT) Stay away you have no business protesting these funerals and as BOSTONIAN’S we won’t let you. We protect our own here in Boston and New England!



About tosid01

About me??? Boring! I like to photograph nature and the outdoors. I preffer to be outside rather than inside, but I do have my reclusive tendensies as well.
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