A Very Interesting Read…

Seeing though they just Found the body of missing Zachary Marr in the Charles River near the Museum of Science…where he was spotted a month ago on CCTV…



Read and share


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Well Hello!

I have been away for far too long! It’s time to start blogging again. I have had many adventures to blog about so stay tuned to see what I share with all of you.

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Wine Riot Boston 2015 April 24th

So there is this wonderfully amazing event called Wine Riot. There were over 250 wines from over a hundred seperate venders. Reds, Whites, and Bubblies galore. Not too mention friends new and old. I met a group of friends from my current life and ran into friends from my past life. It was nice to mesh the two…

Wines flowed and glasses were emptied into our bellies then filled with more…only to do it all over again and again the time passed so fast that before we knew it the night was over…

Let’s do it all over again in the fall…

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This and That…

Time heals all wounds… False! Time coupled with your life’s experiences makes you a different person. When you have been hurt it teaches you to guard yourself better, when you have been wronged it teaches you to become more selective on who is worthy of your time and trust. Therefore time does not heal your wounds it simply mends them…

I have survived my first winter living in the big city. I have met some new amazing friends both through work and in my new neighborhood. I have been allowed the chance to both rebuild and reconnect with myself and also meet some pretty amazing people for this next new chapter of my life. I am very fortunate. This being said I am going to try and come back to my blog more often to update my posts more often and share with you my readers and followers my life’s journey’s there have been many and there are so many more to follow. Stay tuned…

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A Day Out… October 17,2014

I have been gone a while yet again. I posted a blog almost two years ago now describing my “Crossroads”, well time has mended itself and new adventures are on the horizon. I made a goal for myself and I have finally achieved it!!! Kudos to me! I will be moving to Boston in a few weeks! There will be much to blog about I am sure!

Today I had business to tend to and breakfast plans with a friend, so I killed some time walking alone the Charles. I crossed over the Longfellow, and followed the River toward the Harvard Bridge, crossed and followed the River once again till I found a nice little quiet sitting spot before heading to my breakfast plans.

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Please Read, Watch, and Share…You may save someone’s life.

The responsibility of being a parent is to love, teach, and prepare your children to be the best people they can be in this world when the fly away form your nest. A real and true parent will ALWAYS love their children UNCONDITIONALLY!!! They will provide for them a warm home and the necessities needed for survival, a true and real parent never gives up on their children for any reason whatsoever. I am the very proud parent of a 16 year old Son whom I love with all my heart, and I hope that when his wings grow and he ventures off to build his own life, that he is free of hate, truly knows love, and has the proper skills to survive in this very cruel world we live in where something as simple and mundane as being allowed to be yourself is considered a sin or whatever, in anyone’s eyes. I hope that his mother and I have molded him to be the best man he knows how to be.

I am openly gay and was rather a late bloomer, my son is well aware and he loves me for who I am, truth be told it wouldn’t change who I am, because it is NOT a choice made. Why would anyone choose to be different when you know people will hate you and even kill you ie; Mathew Shepard who was beaten to death for being gay in 1998, and so many other’s after and before him. Why I ask would anyone choose to be someone who feels unloved by the very people who should be teaching you to love, and not spread their own hate on you? Daniel the 20 year old in the video stood his ground and rebelled against their hate, GOOD FOR HIM!!!!! Unfortunately not everyone is so strong, alot of young gays kill themselves, either because they learn to believe the hateful things spewed at them, or they can’t take the stress, or maybe they see no other way out. Whatever the reason, how would YOU feel if your child committed suicide because YOU disowned them? The link below is the guy and his video of his family disowning him and spewing their hate, and the physical violence, the ensued. Take a moment and watch it, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment, I would LOVE to see where people stand with this topic.  


 Also this is a link to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for ANYONE…gay or straight.


If you are a parent and would like more information on supporting your Son or Daughter who is gay visit the Pflag link below.



Violence Recovery Program: 1 800 834 3242

Respond, a program to help end Domestic Violence: Boston Area 1 617 623 5900 or dial 911

Human Rights Campaign 1 800727 4723 or http://www.hrc.org

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Fort Warren, George’s Island August 23, 2014

It would appear that I am on some sort of Historical path as of late. Today Zak, Jordan and I ventured out on the open sea, well just Boston Harbor really, but it was nice to leave the mainland for a bit. George’s Island is home to Fort Warren from the Civil war era. The island is seven miles from downtown Boston, and 39 acres in size. Fort Warren was strategically placed to defend the Harbor of Boston’s seaport, and named after Dr. Joseph Warren, Major – General of the Massachusetts Militia, who died at the battle of Bunker Hill, in fact the monument stands tall in the horizon as you part the mainland. Construction of the fort began in 1833, France was the first to fortify the island in support of the American Revolution. in 1858, the fort was used as a training camp and in 1862 became a Civil War prison for Confederate soldiers, sailors and political leaders. Modifications were made to the fort for use during the Spanish – American War and World war I and II. After it’s final decommission in 1951 the island was purchased by Commonwealth of Massachusetts and opened to the public in 1961. It is now part of the Boston Harbor Islands national park area.  

Zak and I made a quick stop at the Cranary Cemetery where Samuel Adams, John Hancock and many other’s were laid to rest…

The above information was provided throughout the Visitor’s Center and pamphlets provided. To learn more about the Boston Harbor Islands, Fort Warren, and to plan a trip follow the link below. Enjoy!!!


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